International Shipping Costs

International Shipping Rates

Use our tables to calculate the cost of your shipments
by air, truck and sea

Aerospace Logistics Group

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Conversion factors:
pounds to kilograms: multiply pounds by 0.45359
inches to centimeters: multiply inches by 2.54
feet to meters: multiply feet by 0.3048
yards to meters: multiply yards by 0.9144
kilograms to pounds: multiply kilograms by 2.20462
centimeters to inches: multiply centimeters by 0.3937
meters to feet: multiply meters by 3.2808
meters to yards: multiply meters by 1.0936
Volume weight
The weight you will be charged for a shipment will be either the actual weight or the volume weight (whichever is higher). To calculate the volume weight see the following table:
Mode Factor Conversion How to calculate
Air freight "1/6" 1 cubic meter = 166.6 kg length x width x height / 6000
Truck "1/3" 1 cubic meter = 330 kg length x width x height / 3000
Ocean "1/1" 1 cubic meter = 1000 kg no data
Example for an air freight shipment:
3 boxes Actual weight = 100 kg
Dimensions: 3 cartons each - 100 cm (length) x 72 cm (width) x 120 cm (height)
Volume weight calculation:

100 x 72 x 120 = 864,000
864,000 x 3 (number of boxes) = 2,592,000
2,592,000 divided by 6000 = 432 kg
Volume weight = chargeable weight = 432 kg

The charges for this shipment would be based on 432 kg. (and not 100 kg.)