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Project Treedom

At COP26 the leaders of the world pledged to net zero CO2 emissions by 2050 or we will face a dire situation. We could not sit back and watch. We decided that we needed to take active part in this global challenge.

Starting this Holiday Season the World Cargo and World Pet and Animal Transport family decided to start to offset its carbon footprint.

By signing a contract with Treedom, a company that facilitates the planting and monitoring of the impact of trees around the world, we want to jump start our effort. At full capacity we plan to contribute with a CO2 reduction of 141,000 kg per year by planting 600 trees: the World Cargo forest. And we are just getting started!


Project Burkina Faso

For many years World Cargo and World Pet and Animal Transport have used the Holiday Season as an opportunity to help others. Every Panettone, the typical Italian Christmas cake, we give our employees and clients is produced by Pasticceria Giotto of the Padova Prison, helping the inmates to restore their dignity. Furthermore part of the proceeds go to support the Giuseppe and Margherita Coletta Orphanage in Diebougou in Burkina Faso.

Project Ukraine

It is very difficult to watch the horrible videos from the war in Ukraine on television, on social media and on Telegram and not take action.

We, at World Cargo and World Pet and Animal Transport decided we needed to do something to help the Ukrainian people. We volunteered what we do best: logistics. We offered one of our vans with our driver to deliver essential goods, medical products, clothes and toys to the St Hierarch Leontie Children’s Settlement in Radauti at the border between Romania and Ukraine. A week long trip, originated in Rome, Italy, crossed Slovenia, Hungary, through Romania and onto our destination.

The mission was organized by three NGOs: Gi.Ro Nel Sociale, Margherone Fa Cose Onlus e Sogno nel Cassetto Onlus.