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World Cargo was founded in 1991 and is one of the major players in the freight forwarding and logistics industry. With time we have shifted our efforts from the basic movement of goods from one point to another, to an objective of total customer satisfaction.

Our flexibility in finding alternate routes to forward our shipments, on allocating resources depending on our customers requirements, together with hard work and a passion for this industry makes us strategic partners. Partners with which to build a strategic synergy aimed at finding the best solution based on cost, transit time and safety of the shipments. In the past years the Aerospace business, both military and civilian, has become our core business.

We are operationally 24/7 to offer our services necessary for the handling of aeronautical components both with routine and AOG status. We do, however, also handle what is considered general cargo. Thanks to the quality and flexibility of our services our company is constantly and progressively growing.

Our clients

We are proud to serve the following accounts:
Blu Panorama, Bose, Bulgari, Haas, Nayak, Oma, Mistral Air, Leonardo, Meridiana, Tommy Hilfiger, IAC Group, The Nordam, Boeing, Atitech.